Rabbids Go Home: A Comedy Adventure – Wii ISO

Plataforma: Nintendo Wii
Titulo: Rabbids Go Home: A Comedy Adventure
Região: NTSC/U
Formato: ISO
Tamanho: 4,5 gb
Idioma: Inglês
Avaliação: 8.5
Distribuidor: Ubisoft
Lançamento: 01 de novembro de 2009
Hospedado: Megaupload.com

Even though the rabbids have been around for a few years, they’ve never had their own full-blown adventure to match their outrageous personalities – until now. In Rabbids Go Home these goofy creatures run amok on Earth with their shopping cart. The further you go in this game the more challenging it gets, with maze-like levels and the rabbids laughing and yelling with insane glee the whole time.

Watch The Fur Fly

For some reason the earth-trapped rabbids get it in their heads that they’re actually from the moon. There’s no logic behind this but that doesn’t stop them from doing everything they can to return home – by building a gigantic pile of trash (garbage, clothing and other objects) from the humans they meet. You play as a pair of rabbids, one pushing a shopping cart while the other rides inside making room for all the goods, and run through airports, neighborhoods and anywhere else humans can be found in search of enough stuff (from diapers to soda cans) to stretch into the sky.

Your goal in each level of Rabbids Go Home is to collect as much stuff as possible while avoiding the traps and enemies that stand between you and your chance to return home. The objects you can collect have a squiggly white circle around them – just roll over these objects with your cart to add them to your stash. Some objects are obvious, others are hidden. There are also humans whose clothes are very valuable in helping you reach your goal. By screaming near them, you strip them of their outer clothing and they prance away in their underwear, learning to never again cross a determined rabbid.

Fonte: kidzworld

Parte 01
Parte 02
Parte 03
Parte 04
Parte 05

Senha: tehparadox.com


5 Responses to Rabbids Go Home: A Comedy Adventure – Wii ISO

  1. Kiryni disse:

    noss adorei o site, entrei esses dias e ja baxei 2 jogos de wii que eu queria muito!! Obrigada blade!!

  2. # disse:

    Boooooooooooooooooa Blade !tava querendo muito esse jogo, agr é só baixar e ver se não vai pedir atualização :Dvlw caraBy: Paam

  3. Anonymous disse:

    Nossa cara, rabbids foi o único game que não rodou na minha máquina! Diz q dá um erro lá… e olha q eu atualizei o destravamento esses dias!

  4. tati disse:

    poxa, tb nao funcionou aqui…. queria tanto…

  5. N. junior disse:

    por aqui nao funcionou tambem!

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